WHY Choose a Doctor of Physical Therapy?

When you're looking for a physical therapists look for a "DPT"

Why Choose a Doctor of PT?

Athletic Physical Therapy prides itself on having the best staff that we call "The A-Team." To be an "A-Team" member, you first must have the best formal education and training possible. Over the past 10 years, what patients and medical professionals call 'physical therapist' has changed significantly.

All physical therapists are not created equally. Each physical therapists should be licensed by the State in which they provide care however their education and training make each one different.

A physical therapist with the distinction of "DPT" after their name signifies that individual has completed the highest level of training for a US physical therapy professional and is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This practitioner will be capable of performing a detailed assessment of your condition and determining what type of physical therapy program is best suited for you utilizing the most recent evidenced based treatment techniques. When you're looking for a physical therapists look for a "DPT".

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